Providing Good Customer Service to our Clients

Working as an accountant for many years, I have seen so many questions come my way.  People come to me for advice on matters related to money, and they count on me to help them make decisions.  This means that I need to be educated on all sorts of topics, and it makes every day I come to work an interesting one.

During this time of year, I get a lot of questions about income taxes.  Many people are looking at ways to minimize their income tax bills and maximize their refunds.  At this time of year, there is still time left to put money in their IRAs, donate to charity, or take advantage of the many tax write-offs available to both personal and corporate tax clients.  I work together with my clients to save them the most money possible, and I think that they appreciate it.

This year, I have decided to take my customer service to the next level and I have been giving my clients dates as to when they will receive their refunds.  I am basing my advice on information found here:

This information has been invaluable to many of my customers, and those of them that base big purchases on their income tax refunds feel a lot better knowing when they will be receiving their money.  It is just one more thing that I can do to provide my customers with better customer service.

Save Money On TurboTax This Year

If you are like me, you do your own taxes using TurboTax.  It is an easy software to use that allows you to complete and file your taxes in a very short period of time.  It is more cost effective than paying an accountant, and many Americans count on this software each and every year to do their income taxes.

But the one catch is that you need to buy the software every year.  The reason is that there are always updates, and you need the latest version in order to file your taxes properly.  But I am on a  limited budget, and I always try to save money wherever I can.

I was very excited when I discovered a TurboTax discount coupon, that saved me $20 off my copy of the software.  It was easy to use, all I did was click and the discount was applied to my shopping cart.

It was that easy.

If you use TurboTax, you owe it to yourself to use this coupon to save money on your purchase of this software.  It is easy to apply to your purchase, and you get the same, fully-functional software, but without having to spend more money than you have to.

Use the Free 2017 Tax Calculator to Find Out Your Tax Refund This Year

With tax season and the end of the year right around the corner many people are hesitant on spending money on Christmas. It could be that they are anticipating a large tax bill coming their way or other maybe simply underestimating what they will get in terms of a tax refund. If this sounds like you then don’t fret.
You can get a quick estimate on your tax refund in just a few clicks of the mouse or taps on the screen for those on a mobile device. Check out the 2017 tax refund calculator and you’ll get a good idea of the amount you’ll get back or if you’ll be paying this year. Although the calculator is only a guide and knowing the exact amount would take longer you can really get an idea of how much your tax refund is going to be.


The best part is that using the tax calculator is absolutely free. Just visit the free tax calculator for 2017 and enter some rough estimates and you could be having a much better Christmas. It’s also a great way to plan for upcoming tax payments that you may be required to pay. It will allow you to know beforehand what sort of payment you’ll be required to pay. This can also be a huge benefit if you’re worried about paying your taxes since it gives you a bit of warning before you do your taxes. Check out the tax calculator and know where you stand for your 2015 taxes.

Finding the Best Tax Refund Just Got Easier

When it comes to filing your taxes there are many choices you’ll need to make. They include things like should you file married or separately. Simply choices like these can have a huge impact on how much of a tax return you can get. The problem most people face when doing their taxes is they don’t want to go through countless forms and stay up all night doing math problems just to figure out what they should choose to get the best tax refund. But that’s where technology comes in to help you out. And no I’m not just talking about a calculator.

If you use TurboTax to do your taxes each year you’re in luck because the system makes it super easy to find new ways to legally get more back on your tax refund. If you haven’t tried using TurboTax yet then this year is the year to start. Sign up with TurboTax and you’ll be quite amazed at how powerful it is. You can even find a discount code for TurboTax to save money on your filing.

Once you’ve signed up and entered your details you will see how much return or payment you are receiving at that point. Then by checking off some of the choices like “head of household” or “filing jointly” and see which has the better return. Sometimes it may be better to file jointly with your spouse and sometimes it could be filing separately. The best part is you don’t need to spend all night trying to figure it out on out dated tax forms. You just need a few clicks of the mouse. And those few clicks could be worth a lot of money!

Calculate Your Tax Refund

Having problems calculating your tax refunds? It’s only normal that you do – the process is complicated to make it difficult for people to accurately get it done properly. Luckily for you, there’s a way in which you can calculate your tax refund automatically, with little to no room for error. All you have to do is visit the link above and check out all the details you need to know in order to get started with a piece of software that can accurately calculate your tax refund.

The 2017 Tax Refund Calculator

The tax refund calculator featured on the aforementioned webpage is absolutely free to use, no strings attached and no hidden fees. You can use it even before tax season comes, so you’ll be able to determine just how much money you’ll be getting back. Working in the US means you pay taxes – but in most cases, you end up overpaying. Luckily, you can apply for a tax refund in order to get your money back, and using the tax refund calculator is the best way to determine the approximate amount you’ll be getting at the end of tax season.

So don’t waste time with complicated procedures and lengthy calculations – calculate your tax refund the simple, free and easy way today!

Why Use the EIC Calculator?

If you want a short, sure way of calculating your earned income credit, then you should try the EIC calculator. It’s a simple tool to use in order to get a close estimate for how much money you qualify to get back from the government. Depending on your social status, the number of kids you have and other factors, you can get a considerably amount of money back if you file the paperwork in due time and according to standards set in place. If you’re having problems with filing your EIC, then make sure you visit the website linked above to get options which can help you get set up quickly enough and at an affordable price.

The EIC Calculator is Simple to Use

With the holidays upon us, there are a lot of reasons why you should definitely take the time to make sure you finances are being dealt with. The EIC calculator is a simple, efficient and free method of determining how much you’re entitled to back from the taxes you’ve paid. It’s a financial boost which can definitely make a difference, so you should take the appropriate steps underlined on the website linked above in order to determine an estimate.

Easy Online Tax Filing With TurboTax

It will soon be time to file your income taxes and if you’re like most people you’re certainly dreading it. Sometimes it seems like there are so many forms and documents that need to be completed that it will take days to complete everything. However, I have recently tried the TurboTax online system and it is simply amazing! At first I had a few concerns because I’m certainly not a tax expert. Actually, I’m not a tax beginner either. I always had someone do my taxes for me mainly because I thought I might make a mistake. So I ended up trying the TurboTax system and all I can say is wow. It’s one of the easiest ways I have found to file your taxes.

Getting started in the TurboTax platform is super easy and it guides you every step of the way. What I really like about it is that it breaks down certain categories of your tax return. You’ll start by entering your main information then move onto income, then deductions. The entire process is streamlined to make it easy and understandable to file your taxes. It’s basically just a series of questions that you’ll need to answer. And the best part is they’re multiple choice. You can also see how things that you enter affect your return since it’s calculated ‘on the fly’ and presented through the entire process. If you’re looking for an easy online tax filing system then be sure to check out TurboTax to do your taxes this year.